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Dominion MMA

Blessings! We pray for them and know someone or something will hear, depending on what if any, your higher power is. Coach Reynaldo Rodriguez comments that he is extremely blessed on the progress they have made as of recently. His current fighters scheduled for Cowboys Extreme Cage Fighting 19 are

Stevie Ray Ellis vs R.J Gomez (Rodgrigo Pinheiro BJJ & Pete Spratt Muay Thai) at 155 lbs.

Aaron Moore vs Emo Martinez at 235 lbs.

Joe Castaneda vs Rodrigo Martinez at 185 lbs.

After this fight Stevie Ray will actually prepare himself to cutdown to featherweight as he has the belt in his sight. Ray comes to the PCG fights with a win over Jacob Landin. Speaking with him you know that he has his family and team as a unit which solidifies his training. His confidence in his abilities and training will be tested this Saturday as he faces R.J. for this event.

Dominion MMA also has Joe Castaneda and Emo "Elmo" Martinez. We did not have a chance to catch up with Joe C. and Emo but will have coverage soon to give to you guys. 

Dominion MMA has plans for expansion which will include a boxing ring as well, which will only add to the great talent which this gym is adding each and every week. Plans also include brining in boxing and MMA talent that you dont want to miss. Coach Rey's approach to teaching and business has a family atmosphere that welcomes amateurs and pro's that want to expand theyre skills.  Thank you coach Rey for the time and opportunity to catch up, we will be back soon to visit for more coverage for you guys to follow!

Canelo Alvarez Highlights

whats next for Canelo Alvarez?  Talking with boxing insiders, I hear that Canelo wants a fight with James Kirkland out of Austin, TX.  Is this a good fight for Canelo to take?  Is Kirkland to dangerous and will derail Canelo again? Let me know what you think?

Mike "fist of fury" Marsh

Mike Marsh is going to be one of the first in the United States to box in a sanctioned match as an amputee.  Mike will be fighting at cowboys dancehall Sept. 27th.  Make sure you get your tickets to see this historical event.  The NABA needs your support to make sure this fight card is successful, and to help it grow. Show your support for our Wounded Warriors and come out to the fight. Best of luck to you Mike!

Vera vs Rosado BKB

Gabriel Rosado has TKO'd Brian Vera in BKB.  Brian was down after a two punch combination that he did not look like he would recover from. Brian as always showed tremendous heart and got back up,  I hope Vera can regroup after this fight and bring us another action packed fight soon.